Thred classifies its technology into 3 categories



How does data get collected? How does it move? And how does it integrate with other services?



Where does data sit? Is it safe and accessible? And what type of storage should I be using?



How do I make my data meaningful? How can I leverage my data to build automated intelligence?

These 3 categories make up the



The Flywheel of Data is a nice reminder as to why we create data solutions in the first place. Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things - they all exist because of the simple fact that

we want to be better today than we were yesterday.

Continuous improvement and innovation starts with data - collected and stored in the "right" way. Analytics, AI, and other processing methods give new or enhanced insights. These feed into solutions and products such as applications and control systems, which in turn produce more data in both volume and variety. And so, the cycle repeats, never ending and constantly building momentum.



The Internet of Things (IoT)

A common misconception is that IoT is simply about connectivity. Things have been connecting to other things for a very long time. IoT is instead a collection of technologies that make the mass connectivity of sensors, devices, and people extremely cost effective and scalable.

Thred is a New Zealand leader in implementing data solutions on national IoT Networks.



As highlighted in our  SMARTA™ principles, it is vital that data and technology solutions are modular by nature. Modularity of various services promotes integration as a key ingredient to a performant technology ecosystem.


Thred is a team of integration experts.




Store it Right

Just as money is more accessible in a wallet and food more accessible on a shelf, data and its different types each have their ideal "homes".

To say data is accessible and timely, is to say it can be turned into information instantaneously from anywhere.


How the data is stored is as critical as the data itself.




Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

If we can navigate the hype that surrounds Machine Learning & AI, we can find true value for a business.

Today in 2020, a machine's intelligence is only as good as the data that feeds it. The true domain knowledge is that of our clients, and the role of artificial intelligence is to then:

  1.  Codify that domain knowledge

  2.  Present new or enhanced insights

  3.  Increase speed of decision-making

Even though terminology can at times can get out of hand in this industry, Thred has a clear understanding of when and where each tool should be used.


Rapid Application Development (RAD)

If continuous improvement, innovation, and the Flywheel of Data are to become true bedrocks within a business, then we have to acknowledge the significance of speed.

The faster that flywheel spins, the faster the business realises benefits, the faster it makes money.

At Thred, when we speak of application development, new features, and data solutions, we speak in terms of hours, days, and weeks - not months.


Web applications, native mobile apps, reporting dashboards, big TV displays - the point of seeing these things is to give meaning to data - to turn data into information.

Thred is a team of experienced developers, proficient at custom web development, reporting tools such as Power BI, and gold certified integrators of Inductive Automation's Ignition platform.